It's the Old Man's last dance. You know, allegedly. Seems only fitting to take a moment and appreciate his body of work.
T.J. Dillashaw probably knew he couldn't put up much of a fight at UFC 280. In going through with it anyway, did he perpetrate a scam or just look out…
Dana White's Power Slap League is now approved in the state of Nevada. Say that five times fast and see if maybe we shouldn't have come up with another…
The smallest man to ever hold the heavyweight title learned how a well-placed punch to the body could be a great equalizer among men.
Hey real quick, is it even worth testing for that good-good anymore? Or are we just providing the faintest possible smokescreen to soothe our weary…
Because if that's what it was? Shutting out fans and media and turning a UFC event into a private party for one mega-rich dude? That's weird, man.
What do you get when you combine size, strength, freakish athletic ability, and a deeply dull and incurious mind? One of the UFC's biggest stars…
Also, did this mfer just ask me about my second-favorite bread and least favorite rice? Because yeah, I've been dying to talk about it.
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